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Soups, Salads & Appetizers Menu
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Soups & Salads
Soup of the Day
Manhattan Clam Chowder
Sm or Lg - Add a Bun
Sm or Lg - Tomato based
Baked French Onion
Caesar Salad
House Salad
Romaine lettuce with our tangy dressing, shredded
Fresh Greens
parmesan and croutons.
Chef Salad
Hawaiian Shrimp Salad
Ham, turkey and cheese served on
Shrimp and crisp greens topped with toasted
a bed of crisp lettuce and potato salad.
almonds and coconuts .
Greek Salad
Tomatoes, onion, cucumbers, olives, peppers and feta cheese.
Add Chicken Breast or Shrimp
Escargot - Sauteed in garlic butter with mushroom caps and garlic toast.
Zucchini Stix - Served with sweet and sour sauce
Spinach and Artichoke Dip - Served with Tortilla chips
Beer Battered Mozza Sticks - Served with marinara sauce.
Samosa - 3 pc served with curried chick peas, plum-sauce or ketchup
Bazooka Curry Prawns - 12 prawns served with garlic toast
Crab Poppers - Lightly battered jalapenos, stuffed with crab and cream cheese.
Nachos - Tortilla chips garnished with tomatoes, green onions and jalapenos, topped with cheese and baked. Served with sour cream and salsa. Add Chicken or Beef.
Calamari - Served with tzatziki and pita bread.
Scallops & Mushroom Caps - Gently sauteed, topped with cheese, served with garlic toast.
Crispy Chicken Wings - 1 lb of crispy chicken wings served with your choice of sauces: honey garlic, BBQ, hot sauce, lemon-pepper or teriyaki.
Side Orders
Large Fries Gravy
Garlic Toast Cheese
Bacon - 2 pieces Onion Rings


The Old Caboose Restaurant
260 Park Dr., Clearwater, BC
Phone: (250) 674-2945 - Fax: (250) 674-0018