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The Old Caboose Restaurant, Clearwater, BC
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Breakfast Menu
Prices do not include applicable taxes or gratuity. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Breakfast Riser
Buttermilk Hot Cakes - One or Two
With bacon (2), ham or sausage (2)
Giant Strawberry or Blueberry Hot Cakes
French Toast (2 pc) - With syrup & whipped butter
Two Eggs, Hash Browns and Toast - (Add bacon (3), sausage (3), or large ham.)
Breakfast Sandwich - Bacon or ham, 1 egg and cheese. Served with hash browns.
Steak and Eggs - A 6 oz steak and 2 eggs any style with hash browns and toast
Corned Beef Hash - 3 eggs, hash browns, corned beef, peppers, green onions and mushrooms
  scrambled together and served with toast.
Eggs Benedict - Half or Full - Toasted English muffin with ham, poached eggs, topped with Hollandaise sauce.
  Served with hash browns
Caboose Specials
Ham Scrambler with Hot Cakes - Three eggs scrambled with diced ham served with two hot cakes.
Engineer's Favorite - Two eggs any style, spicy beef sausage, hash browns and toast.
Highway 5 Breakfast - Two eggs any style, ham, sausage (2), bacon (2), hash browns and toast.
Spanish Omelet- Sausage, mushroom ,green onion, bell pepper and cheddar cheese, topped with salsa.
  Served with hash browns & toast.
Plain Omelet - Served with hash browns & toast.
Ham, Mush & Cheese Omelet - Served with hash browns & toast.
Veggie Omelet - Mushrooms, green pepper, tomato. Served with hash browns & toast.
Belgian Waffles
One Waffle - Served with syrup and whipped butter
Strawberry or Blueberry Waffle - Our Belgian waffle topped with berry compote of your choice.
     Add bacon (3), large slice of ham, or sausages (3).
Add To Your Breakfast
Hot Oatmeal Cold Cereal
One Egg Bacon (4)
Raisin Toast Ham
Hash Browns Toasted Butterhorn
Bran Muffin Buttered Toast
Fruit Bowl Cinnamon Bun or Toast
English Muffin Blueberry Muffin
Children - 12 years and under only please
Hot Cakes
  With bacon (2) or sausages (2)
  With Strawberry or Blueberry compote
One Egg with bacon (2) - Served with toast.
Mother Parkers Coffee (fresh ground)
Bar Coffee
Tea Bar Tea Iced Tea, Bar iced Tea
Milk   Chilled Juice (orange, apple or tomato)
Tassimo Premium Coffee
Cappuccino, Latte, Espresso,
Suchard Hot Chocolate


The Old Caboose Restaurant
260 Park Dr., Clearwater, BC
Phone: (250) 674-2945 - Fax: (250) 674-0018