The Old Caboose Restaurant Front Entrance of the Old Caboose Restaurant
The Old Caboose Restaurant, Clearwater, BC
Breakfast Menu
Soups, Salads & Appetizers
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Pastas, Stir Fries, Seafood & Entrees
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Location & Contact Info

Location and Contact Information
Take Out and Delivery Available.

The Old Caboose Restaurant

260 Park Drive
Clearwater, BC
V0E 1N1
Phone: (250) 674-2945
Fax: (250) 674-0018

Located on Hwy 5, just across the intersection from the Wells Gray Tourist Information building.

Open 7am to 9pm daily.

Outdoor Dining
Outdoor Dining
Fresh Baked Goods
Fresh Baked Goods
Caboose Dining
Caboose Car Dining
Fully Licenced Pub


The Old Caboose Restaurant
260 Park Dr., Clearwater, BC
Phone: (250) 674-2945 - Fax: (250) 674-0018